The new film is being directed by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux


The concept : 13 tribes, around the world, will be revisited and filmed anew using the latest technology.

All these tribes have been filmed previously, once or several times over the course of 40 years from 1973 until the present day. A period that has seen the most dramatic changes in the tribal world--the last unknown cultures on our planet--many having been in their first contact with the invasion of contemporary existence.

Trailer of Tribes from Jean-Pierre Dutilleux on Vimeo.

Tribal societies are the witnesses of our distant past as they represent the unbroken link with our origins. In a single lifetime, they have come from the Stone Age to the Space Age, spanning across 10, 000 years of our human condition and evolution.

Today some are connected to the internet.
Others are reduced to a miserable existence, ghostlike, having lost it all and unable to adapt to our world. Most float conflicted between the ancient and the modern worlds. The tribes we shall present in the series have no recorded history, neither read nor write, but count on fingers in moons or seasons. It is the responsibility of the storytellers to pass on myths and rituals, songs and dances from one generation to the next.

These films will serve not only the audience but also future generations of tribal people. The films will help them better understand their own cultures, and, perhaps, inspire and help them to preserve it.

The series has the ambition to collect the best available and most useful information about each ethnic group, to produce a definitive piece of work that will stand the passage of time and remain as a reference for future ethnographers, anthropologists, students and environmental activists.

Our films will focus primarily, if not entirely, on tribal people, not on foreign visitors like ourselves. The intention of the producers is to avoid the “Human Safari”, a Tribal trend, currently seen in “reality” shows broadcasting around the world. This trend will pass, and then more unique, updated and all-encompassing tribal content will be in demand. We want to be ready to face a new challenge to give our viewers entertaining programming with high education value with a new approach to fully appreciate the original tribal world, now vanishing, the First World.

The shows

Among the themes we shall explore: education, social organization, authority, beliefs, moral stands, family values, ambition, affection, preferred qualities, manhood, womanhood, childhood, marriages and divorces, sexual practices, property rights, trade, survival, disease, tribal medicine, the use of drugs, witchcraft, shamanism, spirituality, rites and rare ceremonies, art expression, carving, body painting, songs and dances, storytelling, warfare, tribal justice, and humor--to name but a few!